Stories by Crazy

A little crazy never hurt anyone…

Category: Poetry


I am weird. I am not normal.
I take sides that no one wants.
I choose things that no one selects.
I scrounge for small details
when all everyone else can see is the big picture.

I am an artist. I am not normal.
I take sides to which no one else can decipher.
I choose things which no one else can find beauty.
I scrounge for small details
because the details are the big picture.



The shroud of the world echoes around my heart,
Its noise bludgeoning to maim my ears.
So, I find solace in my secret hiding place
To which I run to when trouble nears.

She whispers and chirps, calling me by name.
I lay still in her presence.
Every detail flows forth in lush beauty,
Wave after wave of cascading magnificence.

She fills my heart with child-like wonder,
Gently bowing her limbs over my head.
Her words sing songs to awaken my sleeping soul,
To being back my spirit back from the dead.

Her smile reflects back from my own,
And it remains as she ushers me from her den.
Before I take my place back in the world,
She whispers, “I’ll be here when you need me again.”


Come to me, oh fair lady in waiting,
With your caress so captivating
That it leaves me warmly frozen, stating
That no other is even worth debating.

Wrap thy shawl around my neck so bare,
And run thy gentle fingers through my hair.
Watch as my worries evaporate into air,
And I’m left in elated stillness without a care.

You embrace me, then whisper in my ear,
“Close your eyes. You have nothing to fear.”
Indeed, I find true comfort when you are near
As your loving arms fold over my heart, my dear.

Lost but found on your love’s sweet isle,
I lay in its warm beach that stretches for a mile;
And though I can only stay here for a while,
I shed my fears to return to you a smile.


I had with me a crystal ball
In which I stored my dreams.
Little and large, small and superb,
They all resided in my orb and gleamed.

Dreams of my youth, of flights of fancy,
No idea too big or spanned,
I planted my dreams into my crystal globe
And nurtured them for hopes planned.

I met someone who caught my eye,
Someone worthy of a place in my crystal sphere.
I let them close, into my crystal space,
So close and so near with no fear.

I shared with them my crystal heart,
To gander and to compound.
But they released it from their slippery hands
And let it shatter on the ground.

They left me with my crystal shards,
Kneeling at my heart’s demise.
My bleeding hands tried to re-piece my desires
Amidst my agonizing cries.

I held my dreams in my sanguine palms,
Tearless for my broken wares.
I heaved from my chest a sigh of defeat,
And my dreams drifted into the airs.

As I saw my feathery remnants float into space,
A smile appeared upon my face;
For now my dreams are not just mine,
But for all of the human race.

It’s Never Easy

It’s never easy to apologize,
to look into one’s eyes with conviction,
to touch their heart with tenderness
and assure that it is not fiction.

It’s never easy to walk away
and let go of the past.
Scars remain that remind everyday,
and for an eternity they last.

It’s never easy to say goodbye
with no hope of a return opportune.
But it’s only never ever if you let it be,
so, darling, I’ll see you soon.