Seattle Freeze, Scary Movies, and Other Things No One Cares About

by phoolishdreamer

People in SoCal don’t use their turn signals. Why? What is the point of having them if you’re not going to use them? I feel like I’ve nearly gotten clipped on the highway a dozen times. It’s starting to explain why there are so many accidents in SoCal.

Also, leaving your turn signal on or using the incorrect turn signal fall into the same category of failing at driving. Why, SoCal? C’mon…


Ever since I saw Paranormal Activity, I intentionally avoided watching horror/scary movies. This year, I decided to put aside my insecurity and communed with a few film school friends to watch three flicks for Halloween: It FollowsSuspiria, and The Babadook. The first two were okay (mostly because I was so tired that I fell asleep at times), but the last one jumped me out of my spot on the floor to the empty recliner behind me. I had a few moments where I came close to overdoing the expletives.

All scariness aside, they were beautifully shot, as often commentated by our panel that night.


Recently, I reached out to someone to inquire about searching for churches. They were somewhat insightful, but brought up the issue of the Seattle Freeze. This was my first time hearing about this phenomenon, but once I did my research, I realized the validity of this claim. Seattle people, in general, are really impersonal. Not to say that they aren’t nice, but they don’t commit to anything. They’ll be your friend, but they won’t be your friend. Superficial forced friendliness.

I wasn’t exempt of the disease. It did take me a while to get settled in Seattle, and then once I had my clique, I was rarely very welcoming to newcomers. I must confess that this wasn’t limited to work and social circles, but church as well. It wasn’t that I was a hater, but in retrospect, I probably seemed that way. I think I finally broke that cold streak, but even here in SoCal, where the people are genuinely friendly and want to get to know you, I find myself putting up the Seattle Stiff Arm. (Coined it here. Use it and abuse it.)

What I found hilarious in the definition of the Seattle Freeze was that “girls lead you on for weeks and snub you with no explanation.” I can’t attest to that, but at the same time, I wouldn’t disagree. If I listed every time I felt that some girl gave me the Seattle Stiff Arm, this post would be insanely long. I probably would burn a lot of bridges naming names, not that I haven’t already. Keeping it real is morally awesome, but socially damning.


I attended a party, which is unheard of for me. At said party, one person that I got to know urged me to get one young woman’s number. I don’t know why me specifically, since there was one other single guy at the party, but they (other’s got involved) prodded me to do so.

I didn’t. I wasn’t interested, not that she wasn’t cute. My explanation was that I wanted to concentrate on career, which was partially true. Also, I didn’t really get an organic opportunity to introduce myself and immerse in conversation (a B.S. reason). Eventually, I explained (after the party) that I was interested in someone else, which is the truth.

I don’t know why I’m being targeted to upgrade my bachelor life. Maybe people are seeing that I’m lonely, and need company. Probably not their reasoning, but I’m just speculating. Not saying that people are pummeling me with potential, but I have noticed it more often than not. In any case, my standards are so over-demanding, that I think people will eventually give up.


If you’re wondering about the title, I’ve been reading through a blog that has been quite entertaining. The writer has an interesting take on things, and when I’m in a creative drought, I find the blog a refreshment. You can check it out here.