by phoolishdreamer

Dear Son,

If you’re reading this, then it’s likely that I’ve passed away.

I know you’re having a hard time, and it’s probably worse now being the only man in the house. I want to thank you in advance for taking care of your mom and sister. They’re going to need you to be strong, so that they can move on. It’s going to seem impossible to do that yourself, but I know you can do it.

I know it because I saw it in you. When you graduated high school, when you graduated college, when you pulled yourself up and got a job, got more education to get a better job, and now, you’re supporting yourself. I was always proud of you, regardless of your achievements, but I want you to know that I really am very proud of you.

I hope that you got something out of the way I lived my life, at the very least about the importance of having a relationship with God. In the end, that’s all that really matters. You could be the best person in the world, or the worst, but you still have to face the Man Upstairs. Probably a better situation if you’re on good terms with Him.

Don’t let yourself sit in misery too long over my passing. I don’t want that for you. You’ve got so much of your life ahead of you, and the last thing I want is for you to crash on my account. You’ve got this, and you’ve got your mom and sister. You’ve got friends, although some of them are knuckleheads. Know that I’m in a better place, and keep pressing on, fighting the good fight. See the world. Make changes. Do all that hippie stuff. Live your life, and don’t waste it.

Take care of yourself, your mom, and your sister. I love you very much, Son. Don’t you ever forget it.