What Have I Gotten Myself Into…

by phoolishdreamer

For some reason, I told my previous small group that I would post my prayer requests here, but that was not really my intent. “Not really” meaning never. Yet, I’ll do my best to keep whomever reads this garbage informed of my wanderings.

Firstly, I can say without a doubt that this is the worst environment for a writer. Perhaps being so acclimated to the Pacific Northwest has babied me into a normalcy of 70-degree weather and plenty of shade beneath luscious greenery, because this is a hot wasteland with shelters offering artificial relief from the sun. Why someone would ever build settlement in the middle of a desert, I will never understand. At least there’s a lot of flat pavement to skate — which, coupled with a surf-able beach somewhat nearby, is a decent trade-off to the area’s dusty brown hills and insufferable heat.

I noticed that I am the median age for my program and entering class. I guess it’s a relief, but seeing people around me that are much older does make me worry that I may be here for a very long time. And working with the younger students makes me feel like I wasted a lot of time. Also, I feel very behind already, even though everyone is starting off on an even playing field. I guess everyone was there for spring training.

I have my work cut out for me. Literally, the work is listed in all the syllabi. Just thinking about the workload gives me stress, along with the word “syllabi.” Add internship into the mix, and I think I might pass out. At this point, like many professors claimed, the grades don’t really matter — just the work and the networking. But the grades do matter. But they don’t. But they do. (As you can see, film-school-imposed schizophrenia is starting to set in…)

Finally, community, or the lack thereof. It’s been rather difficult to hurry up and find a community of believers of which to do life. It would be of great help if there was someone, anyone in my program or class that shared the same Christian views and belief, but I have yet to find such a person. From someone who likes to make judgments based on the content over the cover, I expected a waiting period, but I’m noticing more that if I don’t make a push to open the book past the first few pages, I won’t get anywhere. (It doesn’t help that some covers go to the extreme rather than taking the subtle route…)

There are a lot of good people here, and it has only been about two weeks. Many have told me to keep exploring and getting to know others. It would just be nice if I could meet a few good people in the same life-stage, pursuing God in the same career path (or career forest, as it were with this industry).