Make Good Your Promises

by phoolishdreamer

Dear Son,

I hope you’re doing well in college. Lord knows I struggled a lot, but I’m pretty sure you got your mom’s smarts, so it’s probably a breeze for you. Just keep your eyes off the skirts and in the books, and you’ll be just fine. (Then again, a little peek never hurt anyone…)

It’s been a while since your mom and I have seen you at home. We thought you’d be home for Christmas, but I guess you changed your mind. I understand if there’s a girl involved or your internship is keeping you busy, but your mom would like to see your face in person once in a while, not just over the computer.

I worry because this isn’t the first time you said you’d do something and backed out. There was the car insurance, the credit card bill, tuition, just to name the big ones. There were little things like birthdays, but I can’t hold that against you, since I have trouble remembering your mother’s and my anniversary.

I would like to say this: make good on your promises, Son. I’m not pushing the whole “verbal contract is binding” mumbo-jumbo, but if you’re going to say that you’re going to do something, make sure to do it. Disappointing people is a pretty bad habit to be in, and it’s even tougher to dig yourself out. If you break trust, you can’t fix it with money. It’s like a clay jar: once you break it, it’s always broken.

Be mindful of what you promise, my son, because people’s hearts and lives are in your hands.

Your mom and I love you very much. Please come home soon. We miss you.