by phoolishdreamer

Laugh, and the endorphins buzz,
And the air starts to sizzle.
Laugh, and it cuts through the fuzz
To let the humor start to drizzle.

Laugh, and don’t stifle it now.
Let it grow from your chuckle.
Laugh, and release it now,
Let it fly, let it muckle.

Laugh uncontrollably,
And others join in the fun.
Laugh, and those unconsolably
Dreary will have fun in tons.

Laugh until you cry.
Laugh until you’re sore.
Laugh until you’re high,
And life’s no longer a chore.

Laugh, and the world will follow.
It’s contagious, you know.
Laugh, and life’s a little less hollow,
Because laughing helps us grow.

Laugh, and you live.
Don’t, and you still kind of do,
But I guarantee if you just give
It a chance, it’ll be better for you.