For M

by phoolishdreamer

Man, I hear your words and feel the pain,
But there’s nothing I can do to remedy.
I can only listen, attempt to relate,
And comfort through life’s brevity.

Comrade, please accept my deepest condolences.
I hope that these can help sully the anguish.
Take all the time you need to heal;
Hopefully soon, lest you languish.

Friend, your suffering is not in silence,
For I hear it all too well.
Your cries pierce the chambers of my heart,
And we both share the same hell.

Brother, my heart aches for your aching heart,
And these tears I share with you.
For as long as I have life in me,
I will do all and more to stand with you.

You can count on me; that you can hold true.

Author’s Note: For my friend in grieving, may these words be an adequate embrace whenever you need it. I love you, bro.