by phoolishdreamer

Fly, Fly, fly away,
You’re not welcome here.
Fly, Fly, go away,
I don’t want you near.

Fly, Fly, you’re such a sore
And quite an annoying dude.
Fly, Fly, you’re such a chore,
Keeping you away from my food.

Fly, Fly, get lost right now,
Or I’ll swat you until you die.
Fly, Fly, this is my vow.
Heed, or you’ve flown your last fly.

Fly, Fly, I’ve got the swatter,
And I come swinging to smash.
Fly, Fly, you gosh-darn squatter,
Now you’re nothing but gooey mash.

Fly, Fly? No, you can’t
Because now you’re good and dead.
Oh Fly, oh Fly, I can now end this rant
And finally go off to bed.