Sweet Dreams

by phoolishdreamer

I love candy, and candy loves me.
Candy treats me much better than tea.
One soda can, one cup of coffee
Can never compare to a piece of toffee.

I love candy, and I don’t mean to gush,
But when I take a bite, it’s a sugar rush.
Gummies and chocolates, sweet or sour,
Candy gives me smiles for hours and hours.

I love candy, but my dentist says no.
She thinks my teeth are going to go.
My doctor also fears for my health,
But my sweet tooth needs its great wealth.

I love candy, and I love it so.
Come between us, and you’ll have to go.
What would I do without its sweet touch?
Come to think of it, I’d be impaired without a crutch.

I love candy, and it’s getting to be bad.
Life without it is really quite sad.
I scratch, struggle, slide and squirm.
I’m incapacitated like a sliced worm.

I want candy, and I need candy.
I’m so far away from being dandy.
Sweats and shivers, I roll on the floor.
I’m dying on the inside, in my very core.

Candy, candy, where hast thou gone?
I struggle even to produce a yawn.
The lights go out, and I’m lost in the night.
I guess this is the end, to succumb to my plight.

Oh, I hate you candy. You put me under a spell.
Only now do I wake, only later do I feel well.
You screwed me up, and ruined my life.
Now, it’s even worse with so much more strife.

Leave me be candy, you’ve done your work.
You destroyed my pancreas, made my body go berserk.
Grab your cares and be gone, you toad,
But let me get a piece before you hit the road.